Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CLAT 2015 Question Paper and Answer Key published after High Court hearing | Tilak Marg

Singh adds that the CBT format will lead to quick marking of the answers too. Pattern of CLAT Paper for admission to under-graduate programme in NLUs is as follows -. Principle: A master shall be liable for the fraudulent acts committed by his servants in the course of employment..

It is based on the fundamental premise that once a buyer satisfies himself as to the suitability of the product for his use, he would subsequently have no right to reject the same

. (a) Expanding opportunities for higher education.

b) The Expert Panel/Committee to clarify and/or take decision with reasons on all the objections/questions, as recorded within 3 days thereafter, by following the due process of law


Stand over to 30th June, 2015 (HOB). The exam consists of multiple choice questions with single answer correct.

2.  General Knowledge and Currents Affairs. R can keep Rs.15 lakhs and give 5 lakhs to Mr. For which among the following periods, an Attorney General is appointed in India?

A) 20 years B) 21 years
C) 23 years D) 25 years

What are the essential ingredients of offence u/S.138 of N.I Act?. But, ‘A’ brought an action for damages:. Ans: S.185 says no consideration is necessary to create an agency. Time Duration of the CLAT Exam will be 2 hours.


These principles have to be applied to the given facts to arrive at the most reasonable conclusion. What happens under CLAT at the moment is that each year the convening college has to re-invent the wheel anew and figure out how to hold a national competitive exam, from handling the flood of applications, dealing with candidates’ questions and collecting fees to setting question papers—they have to do all this on top of running a law school.

A fire swept through the upper floors of the old store on June 1, 1952. They must have paid fees also.

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