Thursday, March 3, 2016

LIC AAO EXAM Syllabus chapterwise weightage

Nature of Questions Chapters Weightage Comments

Easy to Solve

Less Time Consuming

High Accuracy possible

Arrangement & Pattern 0-5 Questions on Mixed Series, Random Sequence of Alphabets and Dictionary or Alphabet based
Analogy 0-5 Includes Meaning based and Letter based questions.
Classification 0-5


Number based, Letter or meaningless words based and Meaningful Words based questions.

General Knowledge questions can also be asked.

Direction & Distance 0-2 Simple problems that can be solved by just drawing all information on paper.
Coding-Decoding 2-6 Questions on Coding Decoding in Fictitious Language and Coding by Analogy.

Possible questions: Can include Coding Decoding by Letter Shifting, and Coding Letters of a Word.

Inequalities 5 Either Coded or Mathematical inequalities will definitely come.
Data Sufficiency 0-5 Data sufficiency Questions on: Ordering & Ranking, Blood Relations, Coding in Fictitious Language, Seating Arrangements, Directions & Distances, Ages & Birthdates etc.

Easy if proper steps followed

Could be Tricky

Ordering & Ranking 0-2 Questions on arranging by age, rank, order in row etc.
Blood Relations 0-5 Mostly Family Tree problems. General Blood Relation Problems also possible.
Syllogisms 5 Problems with 2-3 statements and 2-3 conclusions. Possibility based questions may be asked.
Input-Output 0-5 Time consuming. Use the method shown here.
Tricky or Tough

More Time Consuming

Lesser Chance of Solving Accurately

At least 2 types will definitely be asked

Circular Arrangement 0-5 Uni & Bi-Directional problems.

Can include Double Line-up type problems with sorting.

Linear Arrangement 0-5 Single row or 2 rows facing each other.

Can include Double Line-up type problems with sorting.

Double Lineup 0-5 Requires clean charting, proper technique and step-by-step solving.
Scheduling 0-5 Less likely to appear.

Similar to Double Line-up problems.

Grouping & Selection 0-5 Problems on team formation.
Verbal Reasoning 0-5 Most likely to come:

Statements & Assumptions

Statements & Inferences

Other Possible Types:

Statements & Arguments

Course of Action

Assertions & Reasons

Cause and effect

Statements & Conclusions

Critical Reasoning

Less likely to come Clock and Calendar 0-2 May be asked
Series 0-2 May be asked
Venn Diagram 0-2 May be asked

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